"Reut is extremely flexible on the Trombone; She can make it sing, play it very gently, but also demonstrate it's roghness." - Philippe Meziat, Jazz Magazine / Jazzman


Born and raised in Israel, Trombonist, composer and bandleader Reut Regev started shaping her impressive reputation on the Jazz scene at a young age. At only five years old she was introduced to the piano, and then added the trombone to her repertoire at age thirteen. While in high school, she had the opportunity to play with some of Israel’s most creatively improvisational musicians, as well as perform at Israel’s top Jazz Festivals. Reut eventually decided to concentrate on her beloved trombone, and has continually proven to be a remarkably inspiring innovator.


Reut has been living in NYC for over a decade, collaborating, recording and touring with some of the finest musicians in various fields, including Latin, Klezmer, Rock, Blues, Jazz, contemporary classical and improvised music. She has recorded and toured with Anthony Braxton, Butch Morris, Joe Bataan, Hazmat Modine and Frank London to name a few. 

With her project R*time, Reut combines influences from her versatile experience, while keeping soul and creativity as the guiding light. Her music has been described as “Stoner Funk”, “Futuristic Tribalism” , “worldly informed” and as music that “straddles the heavy metal bebop divide.”